Update: Nonames’ invitation to Blitzkrieg Masters revoked

UPDATE JULY 25th:¬†Yesterday we announced that nonames had their Blitzkrieg Masters Amsterdam invitation revoked after we were advised to ban a suspicious player by Bulkhead Interactive for cheating during the online qualifier. Bulkhead Interactive have since reversed their decision, and nonames’ invitation has been reinstated as a result.

UPDATE: Since posting, Bulkhead Interactive have issued an official developer ban on the offending player’s account.

We have received numerous complaints based on the suspicious actions of a player from nonames. Based on evidence gathered, our anti-cheat team have unanimously concluded the player is using banned methods to gain an unfair advantage against their opponents. We contacted Bulkhead with our findings, and they advised us to ban the player in question.*

As per section 4.3 in our rules, we have issued the offending player with an indefinite ban from all tournaments by The Plays.  The offending player has been provided the evidence which supports this decision, as well as the right to appeal as per our rules.

As a result of this ban, nonames have had their Blitzkrieg Masters Amsterdam invitation revoked and we will hold a further invite-only qualification tournament which will feature the teams in which nonames knocked out during Blitzkrieg Masters European Qualifier Round 1. Dates of this tournament have yet to be decided and we will work with the affected teams schedule this.

*Added for clarification.

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