Introduction the Asia Community Cup

Working with r/Competitive Overwatch, AOEsports and Mogul Arena we are excited to announce our first community tournament in Asia! The tournament is open registration, allowing anyone who wants to to compete, and will feature $5,500 of total prizes spread through the tournament.

We will be broadcasting this event live on Twitch during the final stage of the tournament (Groups & Playoffs) and more information surrounding the broadcast, available languages and talent will be made available soon.

Visit the tournament hub here!


We will be running 10 qualifiers throughout Asia, with $2,000 worth of Razer Silver up for grabs. The top 2 teams from each qualifier will make it into our group stages.

Main Event

$1,000 cash and $2,500 of Razer Silver will be up for grabs in the main event.

The 20 teams who made it through the qualifiers will be separated into 4 groups, who will battle it in a round robin out to determine the top 2 in each group.

The final 8 will battle it out in the playoffs bracket in Bo3 matches, with a Bo5 Grand Final.

Qualifier Schedule

The qualifiers will be held from 2PM SGT / 10PM PST / 6AM GMT / 5PM AEDT and on the following dates:

* Saturday February 2nd – Taiwan, Vietnam & Philippines
* Sunday February 3rd – Japan
* Friday February 8th* – Thailand 1
* Saturday February 9th – Singapore
* Sunday February 10th – Malaysia, Indonesia & Hong Kong
* Saturday February 16th – Thailand 2
* Sunday February 17th – Korea 1
* Friday February 22nd* – All-Asia Qualifier
* Saturday February 23rd – Korea 2
* Sunday February 24th – Last Chance qualifier – any teams that didn’t make it in their local qualifiers get another chance to make it.

* Starts at 8PM SGT / 4AM PST / 12PM GMT / 11PM AEDT

Main Event Schedule

Group Stage:
* Saturday March 2nd – Group A – 17:00 SGT
* Sunday March 3rd – Group B – 17:00 SGT
* Monday March 4th – Group C – 17:00 SGT
* Tuesday March 5th – Group D – 17:00 SGT

* Saturday March 9th – Quarter Finals – 17:00 SGT
* Sunday March 10th – Semi Finals & Final – 17:00 SGT

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