Blitzkrieg League registration now open

We announced, just one week ago, our partnership with Square Enix and Bulkhead Interactive to launch 4 Battalion 1944 leagues, if you missed that announcement, you can read all about it right here. As promised in that announcement, registration for the Open Leagues across both regions has now opened up to the masses. If you are looking to join a team, or are a team looking for players to fill you roster, head on over to our community forums and we’ll help spread the word!

Premier League invites have yet to be decided, but any team already signed up to Open League by the time they are invited will be refunded their Open League entry fee in order to pay for the Premier League participation fee.

A note about the League schedules

On the registration pages you will see a schedule outlined for the matches throughout the league. This schedule is a guide, and we will work with teams on being flexible, as long as matches are played during their designated match week. The schedule for Open Division is the most likely to change in terms of how many match weeks (it depends on how many teams we get), but you can still expect the same dates and times for at least the 1st 3 weeks. We’ll give everyone plenty of notice (usually not less than 2 weeks) of any large changes (i.e. date or times).

We want to cover as many matches on our Twitch channels as possible as well, so we ask that teams cooperate with us to make this possible. We will stream the grand final of every league live on our main Twitch channel, as such the date of the final is subject to change. Again, we will give plenty of notice and there won’t be a massive schedule change.

Player penalty changes and penalty points

We have always included penalties in our rules which are in place to deter teams and players from breaking our rules. Due to teams being financially invested in this upcoming season, we will be introducing financial penalties to our punishments section. This does not mean we will ask players to pay fines or additional fees, but there will be risk of them forfeiting a percentage of their team’s potential winnings. We don’t anticipate anyone being in breach of these rules, but we wanted to make everybody aware before they register. We will also be introducing a points system along with this to allow for transparency and to prevent any surprise penalties.

How you can join the Leagues without having to be a player

The door is open for everybody, not just players, to take part in making these Leagues a success. Whether you want to help with score reporting, sending some tweets, moderating stream chat, creating highlight videos, or processing stats with our analysts, there’s a place for you at our table. You can get in touch via our Discord to talk about this more.

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