Our new FACEIT partnership, Blitzkrieg Battle returns, and more!

Bulkhead Interactive recently announced their game Battalion 1944 would be exiting its early access phase and launching into full release on Thursday May 23rd this year. Alongside that announcement also came the news of FACEIT, the leading independent gaming platform for online multiplayer PVP gamers, would be launching their new in-game integration product and Battalion 1944 would be the first game to feature this technology.

We are thrilled and extremely proud to announce our partnership with both of these companies to bring a series of tournaments for the Battalion 1944 community. These tournaments will be exclusively held on the FACEIT platform and are to be featured in the Battalion 1944 game client.

Initially the two supported regions for these extra-special events are Europe and North America, with each region having its own tournament on alternating weekends to allow for the level of competition to grow with the game’s release. The champions of each weekly event will receive $500 cash and an exclusive invite to the final week of hard-fought battles where an additional cash prize will be waiting for the winners.

Blitzkrieg Battle: Europe - Season 1

  • Week 1: Sunday 2nd June
  • Week 2: Sunday 16th June
  • Week 3: Sunday 30th June
  • Week 4: Sunday 14th July
  • Week 5: Sunday 28th July (Season Finals)

Blitzkrieg Battle: North America - Season 1

  • Week 1: Saturday 8th June
  • Week 2: Saturday 22nd June
  • Week 3: Saturday 6th July
  • Week 4: Saturday 20th July
  • Week 5: Saturday 3rd August (Season Finals)
Over the coming weeks, we will be announcing further events on FACEIT including our highly-requested team leagues, quick cups and our invite-only individual league system similar to FACEIT’s highly popular FPL Circuit. Additionally, we will be looking to serve more regions such as South America and Oceania. Further information on all of the above will be released via our FACEIT profile, so make sure you are following us on FACEIT to stay up to date with everything we’re up to in Battalion 1944.

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