Featuring special guests, giveaways and competitions, join us for our inaugural broadcast.

If you’re itching for your competitive fix, we’ve got you covered as we’re hosting a $1,200 tournament on the Overwatch launch night. Watch some of the best teams from the beta as the fight for glory and cash. There’s no room for error, as the winner takes all!

  • Date: Tuesday 24th May 2016
  • Event Start: 19:00 (UTC+1)
  • Prize: $1,200
  • Format: BO3 Single Elimination

Make sure to tune in for some viewer games, giveaways and contests!



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AskJoshy, FishStix, hexagrams and more will be joining JoRoSaR throughout the evening to give their perspective of Overwatch and maybe jump in for a game or 2!

Have a question for these guests or anything you’d like them to talk about on the night? Tweet @ThePlaysGG with your question/topic and we’ll do our best to include it on the show.

Not got the game yet? We’ve got 6 copies of the game to give away, including 2 Origins Editions and a Collector’s Edition from Blizzard Entertainment! There’s also a chance to win one of two The Plays Giveaway Packs which contain a digital copy of the game and awesome prizes from our partners.