Join our weekly European Overwatch tournament featuring a cash prize in the season finals.

Season 1 of Overwatch Arena features 5 weeks of tournaments each Thursday where teams compete for points in an attempt to qualify for the season finals. The 8 teams with the most Qualification Points after 5 weeks will compete for the cash prize.

  • Date: Thursday 19th January 2017
  • Event Start: 18:00 (UTC+0)
  • Entry Fee: NONE
  • Prize: Qualification Points
  • Format: BO1 / BO3 Single Elimination

Make sure you check the rules of this tournament before signing up, and if you've any questions please contact us via the Support tab


  • The winning team's captain has to enter the result on the related match page.
  • In the event of disputes, teams are highly advised to take screenshots to better communicate their claim to the admins.

Maps & Format

  • First map of each round is pre-selected, the loser of the previous map chooses the next map. The other team chooses their side.
  • All rounds a best-of-one (BO1) until the semis and finals which are best-of-three (BO3).
  • The team on the left-hand side of the fixture attacks first.

Match settings

  • Game Mode: Custom Game
  • Custom Game Settings:
  • Rule Set: Competitive
  • Map Rotation: Paused
  • Map Order: Single Map
  • Return to Lobby: Payload  = After a mirror match ; Control (King of the Hill) = After a game
  • Hero selection limit: 1 Per Team
  • Control Game Mode Format: Best of 5
  • Disable kill cam: On
  • High Bandwidth: On
  • All other settings as default

Ingame problems, pausing, disqualifications:

  • Pausing
  • You may NOT pause the match during a teamfight
  • You may NOT use the pause functions for a tactical break
  • Teams can pause for up to 4 minutes per map
  • A team may not pause more than 3 times during 1 map

  • Remakes (back to lobby):
  • Teams can go back to lobby to reset the map ONLY if the game has not gone on for longer than 15 seconds after the spawns opened up - the issue needs to be announced immediately and the reason must be mentioned
  • Otherwise the Pause function must be used
  • First usage of known exploits or bugs will result in a forfeit of the current game. A second usage of known exploits or bugs will result in disqualification and potentially bans from participating in further tournaments.
  • A formal complaint regarding behaviour and/or bugs needs to occur no more than 15 minutes after the game ended, otherwise the matter will be considered as closed
  • Admins will reserve the right to disqualify a team based on their behaviour at their sole discretion if something noteworthy is brought to their attention

Points are awarded on a weekly basis based on a team's finishing position. Below you can find the breakdown:

  • 1st. 50 Points
  • 2nd. 40 Points
  • 3rd / 4th. 20 Points
  • 3rd / 4th. 20 Points
  • 5th - 8th. 5 Points
  • 5th - 8th. 5 Points
  • 5th - 8th. 5 Points
  • 5th - 8th. 5 Points

If you need any assistance with this tournament, please contact us via Discord.