Qualifier for Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines.

Working with r/CompetitiveOverwatch, AOEsports and Mogul Arena we are excited to announce our first community tournament in Asia! The tournament is open registration, allowing anyone who wants to to compete, and will feature $8,100 of total prizes spread through the tournament.

  • Date: Saturday 2nd February 2019
  • Event Start: 06:00 (UTC+0)
  • Entry Fee: NONE
  • Prize: 210,000 Razer Silver + Main Event Invitation
  • Format: BO1 / BO3 Single Elimination

Make sure you check the rules of this tournament before signing up, and if you've any questions please contact us via the Support tab

The following rules apply to the qualifiers for Asia Community Cup

Eligible countries: South Korea (KR), Taiwan (TW), Hong Kong (HK), Japan (JP), Singapore (SG), Malaysia (MY), Philippines (PH), Thailand (TH), Vietnam (VN) and Indonesia (ID).

General Rules

- All matches will be played on the most recent version of Overwatch on PC.

- Server: Asia (KR, HK & JP) / North America (TW, SG, MY, PH, TH, VN & ID).

- The team size for this tournament is 6 versus 6.

- Tournament admins reserve the right to withdraw a team from this tournament if they are in breach of the rules.

Player Conduct

- All players are required to respect tournament officials, players and broadcasters.

- Cheating is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, match fixing, the use of 3rd party applications as well as bug abuse.

- Evidence will be required for accusations of poor conduct, cheating or bug abuse.


- Qualifying Stage

--- Single Elimination BO1

--- Top 2 from each qualifier will qualify for the main event

-Main event group stage

--- 4x BO3 Round Robin groups with 5 teams

--- Top 2 teams proceed to BO3 Single Elimination playoff bracket

--- The Final will be BO5


- Qualifiers

--- TW, VN & PH Qualifier: Saturday February 2nd - 13:00 ICT / 14:00 SGT

--- JP Qualifier: Sunday February 3rd - 15:00 JST

--- TH Qualifier 1: Friday February 8th - 19:00 ICT

--- SG Qualifier: Saturday February 9th - 14:00 SGT

--- MY, ID & HK Qualifier: Sunday February 10th - 14:00 MYT

--- TH Qualifier 2: Saturday February 16th - 13:00 ICT

--- KR Qualifier 1: Sunday February 17th - 15:00 KST

--- All-Asia Qualifier 2: Friday February 22nd - 19:00 ICT / 20:00 PHT / 21:00 KST

--- KR Qualifier 2 Saturday February 23rd - 15:00 KST

--- Last Chance Qualifier (All-Asia): Sunday February 24th - 13:00 ICT / 14:00 SGT / 15:00 KST

- Group Stage

--- Saturday March 2nd - Group A - 17:00 SGT

--- Sunday March 3rd - Group B - 17:00 SGT

--- Monday March 4th - Group C - 17:00 SGT

--- Tuesday March 5th - Group D - 17:00 SGT

- Playoffs

--- Saturday March 9th - Quarter Finals - 17:00 SGT

--- Sunday March 10th - Semi Finals & Final - 17:00 SGT

Player Eligibility

- Banned players are not allowed to participate in this event.

- Players of all skill levels and SR are welcome to compete in this tournament.

- Only players from the SEA region are eligible to participate in the SEA Community Cup. Exceptions may be granted to neighbouring regions at admin discretion.

- Players may only play for one team per qualifier.

- When a team qualifies, at least 50% of the qualifying roster must participate in the main event.

- A team must have at least 6 and no more than 9 active members (6 main roster + up to 3 subs).

Maps & Sides

- Qualifying Stage

--- All maps will be pre-selected by the admin team.

--- The team on the left side of the Mogul Arena match lobby will host the game. The team on the right side of the Mogul Arena match lobby will pick their starting side.

--- If any match ends in a draw, play Lijiang Tower (BO5 rounds).

- Main Event

--- The first map will be pre-selected by the admin team. The team on the left side of the Mogul Arena match lobby will host the game. The team on the right side of the Mogul Arena match lobby will pick their starting side.

--- The second map will be picked by the loser of the first map. The other team will choose which side to start on.

--- If required, the third map will be picked by the loser of the second map. The other team will choose which side to start on.

Custom Match Settings

- Presets: Competitive

- Modes, All: Kill Cam Disabled

- Modes, All: Skins Disabled

- Modes, All: Game Mode Start – Manual

- Lobby: Max Spectators 6

- Heroes, Hero Roster: Disable any heroes not currently available in Competitive Play

- “Invite Only” must be selected within the Custom Game Lobby.


- 5 minutes of pause time per team, per map. After the 5 minutes are up, teams must forfeit or continue playing.

- Contacting tournament admins administrators does not count as pause time.

- Players must be in lobby and ready within 10 minutes of the start of the scheduled match time. Delays may result in penalties at the Tournament Administration's discretion.

Match Reporting

- Both teams are responsible for reporting the match score immediately after the match is complete. Take a screenshot in case of a match conflict.

- Report no-shows 10 minutes after the scheduled match time.

- User the “Request Admin” button in case of any conflicts.


- Cash payments are provided by The Plays and made via PayPal. Recipients are responsible for all fees.

- Non-cash payments are provided by Mogul Arena for this tournament, not by The Plays or AOE.

- Unless otherwise stated, prize money will be paid within 30 days of the event ending (providing all relevant details from the recipient have been given).


UK-based events company, The Plays, are putting on a show for the Asia Overwatch community. With multiple chances to qualify for the main event, we're ready to see the best in Asia fight it out.

Started February 2, 2019 5:55 AM

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If you need any assistance with this tournament, please contact us via Discord.