Help us test the game's custom lobby system.

We're throwing this tournament to test formats for future Blackout tournaments.

  • Date: Saturday 22nd December 2018
  • Registration Close: 18:45 (UTC+0)
  • Check-in Open: 18:00 (UTC+0)
  • Check-in Close: 18:55 (UTC+0)
  • Event Start: 19:00 (UTC+0)
  • Entry Fee: NONE
  • Prize: $0
  • Format: Battle Royale Leaderboard

Make sure you check the rules of this tournament before signing up, and if you've any questions contact us via the Support tab


  • REGION: Europe
  • TEAM SIZE: Solos
  • FORMAT: Lobbies of 8 players. Points awarded for kills and placement. 4 rounds of Blackout played per lobby


  • MODE: Custom Games
  • LOBBY MODE: Solo
  • Make sure to click “Start Blackout” when everybody has loaded in


  • SUBMITTING SCORES: Message EP#9000 on Discord with a screenshot of your After Action Report (this must show your kills and placement)
  • POINTS: The below points system will be used in this tournament, with tie-breakers being the player with the highest placement points, followed by highest kill game (if needed):

10 Points per kill

  1. 1st Place - 100 Points
  2. 2nd Place - 80 Points
  3. 3rd Place - 70 Points
  4. 4th Place - 60 Points
  5. 5th Place - 55 Points
  6. 6th Place - 50 Points
  7. 7th Place - 45 Points
  8. 8th Place - 40 Points


  • All participants are encouraged to stream their matches
  • A delay of 120 seconds (2 minutes) is suggested if you are streaming Blackout Arena matches
  • Include @BlackoutArena in your stream title and we’ll share your stream


  • THIRD PARTY: Any player found to be using 3rd party applications to gain an advantage will be banned from further tournaments by The Plays
  • BUG ABUSE: Any player found abusing unintentional game features (e.g. wingsuit bug, trauma kit bug etc.) will forfeit the match for their duo. Repeat offenders will be banned
  • SABOTAGE: Any player found to sabotage (e.g. team damage your opponents) will forfeit the match for their duo. Repeat offenders will be banned
  • EVIDENCE: Anyone reporting claims of cheating must provide sufficient evidence to back up their claims (screenshot, video, audio etc.)


  • DECLARING: Call out any technical issues to your opponents when they happen
  • CRASHES: Disconnects or crashes will result in a round restart unless one team has mathematically won


  • PAYMENT: Prize money will be paid via’s platform. This requires a PayPal account
  • FEES: Recipients are responsible for any payment fees
  • DEADLINE: Unless otherwise stated, prize money will be paid within 30 days of the event ending (providing all relevant details from the recipient have been given)
  • PHYSICAL PRIZES: If your prize is a physical item (e.g. hardware), these will usually be sent out by the event sponsor. Full name, address and contact number will be required in order to receive these

If you need any assistance before the tournament starts, please contact us via Discord. For assistance during the tournament, say "help" or "admin" in your match chat on the tourament page.