Join our regular Call of Duty®: Blackout tournament.

Join this Call of Duty® Blackout duos tournament and face off against other duos to compete for glory and prizes!

  • Date: Friday 12th October 2018
  • Registration Close: 18:45 (UTC+1)
  • Check-in Open: 18:00 (UTC+1)
  • Check-in Close: 18:55 (UTC+1)
  • Event Start: 19:00 (UTC+1)
  • Entry Fee: NONE
  • Prize: $50
  • Format: 2v2 Single Elimination

Make sure you check the rules of this tournament before signing up, and if you've any questions contact us via the Support tab

  • Platform: PC
  • Region: Europe
  • Team Size: Duos
  • Entry fee: n/a

  • Lobby Creation: Invite your opponent to join your lobby.
  • Lobby Size: Quads
  • Lobby Mods: Survival

  • Scoring: 1 match is played. The duo who survives the longest wins. If both duos survive the same amount of time, the duo with the highest number of kills wins (screenshots/video evidence will be required). If this still cannot determine a winner, there will be a re-match until a winner is decided.

  • Sabotaging: Any player found to be sabotaging the match will receive a forfeit loss for that match. Repeated offenders will be banned at the tournament admin’s discrection.

  • Sabotaging includes but is not limited to;
  • Prematurely disconnecting from a match
  • Team killing/damaging

  • If reporting a sabotage against you, please make sure you have sufficient evidence to back up your claims.

  • Cash prizes paid by PayPal via Goods & Services. Winners are responsible for fees.

If you need any assistance before the tournament starts, please contact us via Discord. For assistance during the tournament, say "help" or "admin" in your match chat on the tourament page.