North American Community League

Battalion 1944's first league, featuring 20 teams and a player-funded prize pool.

The Blitzkrieg North American Community League is a tournament developed by player in an effort to reinvigorate the competitive community in North America. This tournament is also player-funded, with Bulkhead Interactive matching their efforts as a contribution to the prize pool.

  • Season Start: Tuesday May 1st 2018
  • Season End: Wednesday June 6th 2018
  • Entry Fee: $5 per player
  • Prize: $700
  • Format: Wartide, BO1 Round Robin Group Stage, BO3 / BO1 Double Elimination Playoffs, BO5 Grand Final

Make sure you check the rules of this tournament before signing up, and if you've any questions please read the FAQ tab or contact us via the Support tab

These rules are an extension of the general rules of other Blitzkrieg tournaments. Read the Blitzkrieg rules here.


Each team plays each other over the course of the league season at least once. There will be 2 matches per week, with an outlook to up this to 3 matches during some weeks (notice will be given to teams if required to play an extra match during any week). Once each team has played each other once, the top 8 teams of the league standings will enter into a single-elimination playoff bracket. Each week will have a pre-determined map as set out by the league admins.

Tie Breaker

If by the end of the regular season there are any teams tied for a position in the playoffs, the standings will be decided in the following order;

  • a) Overall round difference
  • b) Head-to-head between the tied teams
  • c) Round difference between the tied teams
  • d) Tiebreaker match between the tied teams


Team captains are entrusted with the responsibility to schedule their matches with other team captains. The default scheduling time is 9PM every Tuesday and Thursday for matches 1 and 2 respectively. Teams can apply for an exception such as if a player has another commitment on a set day each week, however exceptions are granted on a case-by-case basis. It is at the sole discretion of a league admin on whether your team is granted an exception or not. Players must give at least 7 days notice for an exception.

Featured Matches

Each week there will be 4 featured matches on the official Twitch channel of The Plays. Team captains will be notified if they are participating in a featured match for the coming week and this time is not flexible. Featured match times are as follows;

  • Featured Match 1: Tuesdays 6PM PDT / 9PM EDT / 2AM BST
  • Featured Match 2: Tuesdays 7PM PDT / 10PM EDT / 3AM BST
  • Featured Match 3: Thursdays 6PM PDT / 9PM EDT / 2AM BST
  • Featured Match 4: Thursdays 6PM PDT / 9PM EDT / 2AM BST

Roster Locks

In an effort to promote commitment from players and teams, and to encourage consistency, rosters will periodically lock. Teams may request an exception to the roster lock rule, but this will be provided on a case-by-case basis.

  • Rosters Lock: Monday 16th April

No date has been set for the next unlocking of rosters.

If you need any assistance with this tournament, please contact us via Discord.