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Remove elo from Heroes Ladder

It's is completely dead with 1000 members and it's because of the elo.  People are scared to lose elo I've seen teams pick pugging over scriming because they dont want to get lose there fucking elo. Plus it ruins regular faceit mm at higher elo because more people are 5 stacking. im talking about NA btw i dont know how EU is.

I'm not sure where the impression that Heroes Ladder is for scrimming came from, it only seems to have been the NA Heroes Ladder that we heard that. The Heroes Ladder for all regions is set up as an official match zone, not for practice (although if your team wants to try new things there that is totally acceptable), this is why we have prizes each month.

iirc it didnt have elo in the beginning, and you enabled it so people would play it for elo right? Yeah I agree people are worried to lose elo, but many also want to gain elo playing it.

Yeah, it was supposed to have Elo since the start, but it wasn't enabled during pre-season.

My personal opinion is to remove elo and keep ladder points only. Basically Clanbase times 😄

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