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[NA] [US] Polar Ace eSports is looking for 4 players for an Academy Team for Competitions and Others

  • Team Name: Polar Ace eSports
  • Nationalities: US
  • Language: English
  • Activity: Competitive/Tournaments
  • Current lineup: Viiox (me)
  • Looking for: 2 Riflers and 2 SMGs (1 Rifle should be a good 2nd Sniper)
  • Team achievements: Just starting up this Division
  • Team goals: To compete in Competitions and Tournaments. Do the most that we can do in the current state of the game
  • Contact details: TWITTER- @PolarAceEsports or @ViioxYT

    Looking for FaceIt Level 6 or Higher with Top Stats. You can also add me on FaceIt ( OrionIV ) to talk as well. WILL NEED TWITTER AND DISCORD

All the best!

Good luck finding your guys!

Message me on Faceit LenzBEER i am interested

There is the need for selection of the players who need more competition to show their talent. Basically you have to get review so that you can suggest all the ideas that are needed to learn the different tasks.

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