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Importance of customize website for a freelancer

I have a question. Is it necessary for a person whether he is an artist or have some skills to showcase online through customize website? If yes then tell me which is the best customized personal website service that can help me build my website as I am a freelance designer, and my services are poster designing, brochure designing, logo designing, flyer designing, and more. I wan more freelance work on the weekly basis. That is why I am thinking to take my profile to a professional level.

at the same time with the CV the Cover letter whose good service is provided by Professional Cover letter writers in Dubai they are amazing writers i have use this service at the same time when i use it for your service for the cv only. google hire SEOs so i decided to order the cover letter because they required a cover letter. now through this the demand for cover letters in the market is also so high. 

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I think it is useful like when you have lots of experience and working as a freelance expert then you should design a website same as CV where you can add all the things on it and get online queries from your personal website and for this, all you need is assistance from the experts of perfect resume in Dubai who able to do any kind of work for you and it will surely helps you to get the desired result at a very low price.