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[NA] FTW! Looking for 2

  • Team Name: Team FTW
  • Nationalities: US
  • Language: English
  • Activity:8pm cent-
  • Current lineup:chizz, jj, eight
  • Looking for: 2 players/ igl/hybrid
  • Team achievements:na
  • Team goals:na
  • Contact: join discord post your info in the tryouts thread we will message you.
  • What’s up fellas!
    Gonna put a group together, looking 2 players.
    One hybrid.
    One igl.
    Must be:
    Central or will play around central time, we are an older group of guys and are not going to take the game super serious this means we aren’t going to play 9 hours a day and 7 days a week. We have family’s, we will be playing tourneys.Do not back seat game! Clean comms!We will be on at 8pm tonight central time.

Good luck finding your group!

Thanks! You too, it will be tough, all these kiddos want people to play 24/7 so gotta find like minded.

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